If you haven’t already seen the new site, blog and shop, you can check it all out HERE. The new blog is under NEWS. This blog will not be updated anymore, but all the content from these pages has been transfered there. We have everything in the store on sale at the moment, with cheap shipping. So go check it out!

Thanks for the continued support!

If you’re around this Saturday swing by Ash Bridges Bay skate park & hit up this years Ridin’ 4 Riches.

We’ll be there again with a booth and helping out on the sponsorship end. All decks and tees will be on sale for this event only.

Last year was off the crazy! and this year with it being held in Toronto it’s gonna be a madhouse!!

I wish it wasn’t true but after 7 long months of amazing shows & events 52 McCaul is closing its doors. Not before they have a giant farewell party/fundraiser.

Well and Good initially started this space/project to run for 2 months. As more of the community came together and got involved with everything going on it grew and extended its run to over 7 months of great shows, events and workshops that benefitted everyone that came in contact with them.

We’ve been lucky enough to have been apart of the amazing organization, and have them host this past Disposable Show.

As I mentioned it’s also a fundraiser. To help out Well and Good with future community projects and help put money into the hands of some of the amazing artists that have helped make this space what it is. So they can continue to create and express themselves through their work/art.

Click HERE to see some of the art available. It’s a tender/ticket raffle, with only so many tickets available. So don’t miss this and be sure to get there early!!

Plus live music and live painting.

Please come out and support great artists and a good cause!!

Just finishing up the new site, which means getting a few last-minute photos. After some running around and meeting up with one of our comrades/riders at the court-house(don’t ask). we then caught up with a few friends and took a few photos. Here’s some of the out takes.

Sean Killen (of Bikes on Wheels) was nice enough to hook me up with some fresh new Vans and take a few photos of him sporting the slim white & red logo tee.

Tracy (of Playdead) is looking good slipping off the curb in the new women’s heather grey/red logo tee.

Greg (of The Bait Shop) and I were going over some strategies. After a quick break I mentioned taking his photo and……..here he is in the cool grey/red logo tee.

Wes (of Cons) stopped by to see if the video would play for the Trapasso pro shoe model release party, and it did. Looked pretty good too!

I liked this photo of Willy, but it didn’t quite work for what we had in mind. So here it is.

For real!! Just finishing up a few photo shoots and the Surplus Store and then it’ll be launched.

No sneak peeks of the site as it’s in the works and may change from where it’s at now. Thanks for all the support! and a ton more projects coming soon as well.

This project has been along time coming and completion is in the near future. Here’s a sneak peek at the hand drawn deck shape from Dave the Chimp.

Dave has mixed eras to come up with this original design. He did the front in an early 80’s style while borrowing the idea for the back end from the mid-80’s. Making it as individual as the man himself, or as he says the “real deal”. This shape plus the graphic that’s going to accompany will make for great eye candy and shredding.

This past Saturday we had a mini ramp jam deck release party for the project we did with The Lovely Gentlemen’s Club. Bowman banged out an amazing graphic and the Bait Shop was nice enough to host.

A lot of good people came through and the vibe was great! More and more obstacles got thrown into the mix with the mini and everyone just keep going bigger and bigger! We also did a new colorway tee for the release. Along with some pins and stickers.

After many of drinks and conversation with some good folks we all headed over to Mid Point for the after party and the after-after party.

Thanks again to everyone that came out and supported and all those that picked up a deck and a tee. I still have a few available or you can hit up The Bait Shop Skate Shop. $60 with grip.

A few weeks ago I helped out with a screen printing workshop for Oasis Skateboard Factory that Free Skates sponsored and was put on by The Bait Shop.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend three days then helping the kids of the alternative school OSF learn how to come up with a design/concept that incorporated all three entities. As well they learned how to prep burn and washout screens. Then they got to apply this all by printing their own tees to be sold at the end of year BBQ. All funds raised from the tees go towards more projects for the kids.

A few tees are still available at The Bait Shop Skate Shop.

I used to skate to Illmatic pretty tough when it first came out. It had a big influence on me. So when I heard Fashawn talking about redoing it as homage to Nas, I couldn’t wait!

Fashawn has to be one of my favorite artists right now. The 22yr old is only one album deep but has a stack of mixtapes and the maturity of a vet. Growing up in Fresno he’s seen and dealt with his far share and hasn’t let it keep him bitter. He’s a pretty real and straight up guy who’s smart and conscious of what he’s doing and his surroundings but at the same time a little grimy because of the path he’s walked. Helping shape him and his sound into what you hear today. Fashawn is one of a couple newer cats that’s out right now killing it!

On his new mixtape he’s paying tribute to one his favorite and most influential¬†MC’s(if not the greatest!?) NaS.

Here’s the album art and a link to download the tape for free, courtesy of XXl Mag & Orisue Clothing.

Click here to download

Fashawn – Memory Lane

Here’s some of the photos from the night. Viktor shot last years show and we were lucky enough to have him come through again and take some great shots of the evening. What more can I say!? Great space, amazing people and beautiful art. As seen in these photos. For an art show/fundraiser this was truly off the wall and couldn’t ask for much more. Thanks for coming out!

All photos courtesy of Viktor Cahoj