The McCracken’s  These boys were hard at work as always. They run one of Toronto’s finest and respectful companies (Doublenaut). What do they do you might ask? Well they’ll tell you they “design things” but it’s much more than that. McCrackens

I then quickly made my way over to see Mike from Omy Gallery. He’s been pretty busy these past few years helping turn his and other people/artist concepts and ideas in to a collective reality. Super great dude if you ever get the chance to meet. Check him out, & just to name a couple. Oh’ and check out his new piece he’s working on,That's art

I also drop off a deck for Che Kothari. One of the nicest and friendliest cats you’ll ever meet. He’s  also doing a lot of good, like this recent project he’s working on and you can see more of him at