February 2009

                                   Drew Millward thanks again’ You killed it!DREW

Okay’  I wasn’t going to preview full images of the decks on here. Only glimpses, but once I saw this I couldn’t help myself or keep this from you. So enjoy this gem and once it drops at the show you better be quick to act! I’ve already had inquires prior to the deck being done or this picture seeing the light of day. Drew your amazing and thanks again’ 

                               I won’t be around this weekend, so enjoy and I’ll see you all on Monday’



FlyerPut your hands in the sky’ let me see your wrists glow’ Finally, the wait is over! There’s a comment box, so don’t be shy

Skam was at the Louis Vuitton store the other night to throw up this piece commissioned in support of the Stephen Sprouse Collection launch. If in, or around yorkville hit up the store n check it out in person’ Doesn’t cost a thing to take a peek or if your in the mood to spend some cash you could always hit up Livestock and grab some new spring duds.DrewDrew seems to be putting of jazz like wow’ He also just finished his deck and it’ll be shipped in the next few days. Can’t wait’


As well Chris Mendoza, a New York City based painter from Nicaragua has just finished his deck and should be sent out soon. Love this guys line work’ Thanks again Aiko for introducing me.

I know I promised the flyer today but I left my house at 6am and just arrived home now at 10:30pm. Which makes for a long day’ and I sent a jpg instead of am AI file. So, it will have to be tomorrow. Sorry about that for those of you who’ve been checking back in and asking about it.

No, I’m not talking about Maya & Paper Planes

I thought one of my artist, Scott Campbell to name names was missing in action. Luckily he got in touch with me today to let me know that he’s finished this deck. He sounds pretty excited with the way it turned out and it should be shipped out today and we should be seeing it sometime next week. 

Check back later today to see the new flyer


Selected works by Evan Roth 2003-2008 first solo exhibition which opens at the Advanced Minority Gallery in Vienna this week. If in or around the area, you gotta check this jazz out’ Evan most currently directed the Brooklyn We Go Hard video. He and James Powderly founded GRL and have produced some pretty amazing projects and inspired the now infamous Boston Mooninite LED Terror Freak out of Aqua Teen Hunger Force debacle, but GRL was not involved. They make sure all their research and sources are available to, me  you your ma’am and your cousin too’ For the people by the people. Keep pushing the envelope and doing what your do!

While worth checking them n all the links out’

I apologize for the quality of the video, couldn’t upload the direct link. Well worth checking out this 2min clip of the teaser for Therapy, and it’s exactly that! Can’t wait for the full vid, but for now’ I guess I’ll have to keep this in the rotation.

“A San Francisco scene video filmed by Mike Poore featuring new talent from the  around bay area, local legends and underground international rippers.”

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