This is everyone involved in the show

Abe Lincoln jr.
Andrew Pommier
Alan C. Wood
Chris Mendoza
Dave The Chimp
Pure Evil
Drew Millward
Michael Hacker
Mike Budai
Jeff Dywelska
Che Kothari
Playdead Cult
Scott Campbell 
Tami Noa Levy
Hayden Menzies
The Bait Shop
Christie Shinn
Matt Killen
Nick Dywelska
Dan Springer

You better act fast on all or any of the decks you’re looking to snatch up’ For all inquires about the show or sales, please contact us at

Note this is a charity event and all of the artist have been kind enough to lend their time and materials, with Freedom Fighter shipping decks and curating show. Thanks for all and any support and a big THANK YOU to all the artists and everyone else involved. All profits are going to The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. With the reception being April 25th 2009 at The Bait Shop Gallery