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sc skateboard                                     An Original Laser Engraved Deck by Scott Campbell
sc deckskateboard-005skateboard SC

It is! Scott Campbell is definitely all man. I had heard about his work and seen it, but I’ve never actually held something of his or seen one of his tattoos in person. These pictures turned out great’ Thanks Maxine! but this is a piece you HAVE to see in person. I wanted to pull the money out of my pocket n snatch this up the second I saw it, but I had restraint. I wish this deck a happy home, and one lucky bastard will wake up smiling to this for years to come.

Thank You so much Scott!! You are incredible’ and I can’t thank you enough. So, thankyou’ So glad to hear you had a blast making it.

Photo Credit Maxine Slanic, and watch out for her deck in the photography series this spring