So on Monday I finalized and sent off another deck design for the spring line(thanks Sean for your photoshop skills). Cutting it a little close, but thinking it’ll be here in time. I wish I could show you, actually I can’ but you’re just gonna have to wait. This deck turned out really well. I also got another deck in the mail yesterday from Dr. D out of the UK. I am definitely digging his piece and thanking him for his contribution and hoping he’s feeling better after being jumped for no reason walking down the street. Pointless violence, I don’t get it! I’m sending him good vibes and ask you to please do the same. This man is working 9 to 5 with little to no pay and still managed to fit this show in. Looking forward to your next two shows D’ 

30 decks 26 artists two photographers a videographer and three DJs are helping raise funds and awareness for The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. 

As well, cheap drinks’ giveaways ‘ Spring Line launch and a very Limited Gold Foil Show Tee you can only get the night of.

Thanks again for all your support’ and if anyone would like to help out volunteering the night of the show that would be amazing. Please contact me at