April 2009

disposable16disposable18disposable23disposable08disposable04disposable19disposable14disposable07disposable17disposable111disposable12disposable13disposable06disposable24   *All Photos Copyright Viktor Cahoj, 2009 

Thanks again to everyone that came out to support and all the kids that ripped it on the mini. If you didn’t make it out or wanted to see the show again and maybe pick something up. If anything is still available? The wrap party and The Blind video launch party and sample sale will be at The Bait Shop on May 9th. So keep posted to their site for times and updates. Thank you again to YOU the artists that made this possible. You all killed it!


*All Photos Copyright Viktor Cahoj, 2009

disposable01tif                                                  Michael Hacker – Austria – Pending 

disposable02tif                                                          Mike Budai – USA – SOLD

disposable03tif                                             Dan Springer – Canada – Still available $300

disposable04tif                                                Playdead Cult – Canada – Still available $300

disposable06tif                                                            Scott Campbell – USA – SOLD

disposable05tif                                           Andrew Pommier – Canada – Still available $300

disposable08tif1disposable09tif                                       Chris Mendoza – USA – Still Available – $300

disposable10tif                                                     Tami Noa Levy – Canada – SOLD

disposable11tif                                                    Hayden Menzies – Canada – $300

disposable15tif                                                      Drew Millward – UK – SOLD

disposable12tif                                                            Christie Sinn – Canada – $300

disposable17tif                                                       Doublenaut – Canada – SOLD

disposable13tif                                                           Skam – Canada – $250 

disposable19tif                                                               Soy – Canada – $ 300

disposable14tif                                                                  Spazz – Canada – SOLD

disposable20tif                                                      Dave the Chimp – Germany – $400

disposable21tifdisposable23tif                                                           Jeff Dywelska – Canada – SOLD

disposable27tif                                                                  Bowman – Canada – SOLD

disposable33tif                                               Nick Dywelska – Canada – $250

disposable29tifdisposable28tifdisposable30tif                                                          Che Kothari – Canada – $200 Each!! A steal 

disposable32tif                                                          Alan Wood – Canada – SOLD

disposable18tif                                                            Pure Evil – UK – $200

disposable16tif                                                                     Matt Killen – Canada – SOLD

disposable31tif                                                    The Bait Shop – Canada – On permanent display at The Bait Shop

disposable26tif                                                                    Bowman – Canada – $300

disposable25.TIF                                                                         Dr. D – UK – $300

Here’s all the artists decks from “a DISPOSABLE ART show” That was held April 25th at The Bait Shop Gallery and will run till May 9th. Stop by for a viewing or contact Freedom Fighter or The Bait Shop for an appointment. If interested in purchasing any of the decks please email me at joey@freedomfighterskateboards.com You can pay via paypal, cheque/money order or cash. All profits are going to The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. Thanks again to everyone that came out to support!! Photos from the Party will be up tomorrow. * Abe Lincoln Jr.’s deck was lost by FedEx but hopefully it will arrive something this week. I’ll keep you posted.

So Dave killed his deck! Hand painted with no tape and all brush. Thank you again for being apart of this show. His deck photo along with the others will be up latter today if not tomorrow. It’s still up for grabs. So…if you want it you’ll have to act quick. I have some viewings this week. I’m going to wait till after the wrap party to purchase anything, and if this is still available? I kinda hope it is. I’m buying it myself.

                                   PRINTS for the New Power Generation


So Dave also had his solo show at ATM Gallery the day before the DISPOSABLE SHOW. These are some of the pictures from the show. Check the rest out at Dave’s site. What an amazing looking show. Wish I could have seen it in person. As well be on the lookout for his new book at the end of the month.


First off, too many names to name. So I’m THANKING EVERYONE that came out and supported. Everyone that helped bring this together an extra thank you.

Last night was insane!! The turnout was incredible. The energy, vibe and positivity was through the roof. All the kids ripping it up on the mini ramp killed it! and the drop in from the balcony ledge was off the wall. 

You better act quick! A bunch of decks sold last night and a few more are selling this week. So…if your still interested in any pieces please contact me at Joey@freedomfighterskateboards.com before it’s too late! I ‘ll let you know what’s available. We won’t know exactly how much was raised till the end of the showing but it’s looking good!

The artist, I didn’t forget about you. How could I? Thank You all again so much. You all knocked it out the park! I’ll keep you posted on which decks Freedom Fighter will purchase and hang in the office allowing for everyone to have their chance. 

I’ll have Some single shots of the decks up hopefully this week. As well the rest of the event photos and video to follow(might take sometime with editing) but you’ll see them in the weeks to follow.

I have to say a BIG Thank You to Ken & Greg from The Bait Shop. You guys and the rest of the crew are amazing! I’ll need a second or two to rest, but I can’t wait to work with these guys again.

If you’re interested in the Spring Lines of decks or tees please hit me up here or email me. The new web store should be finished shortly and I’ll post the shops in your area where they’ll be available.

Music was amazing as well thanks guys for ripping it’


             All the single deck and the show photos to come. Stay posted!!!!!!!

I still have a couple of decks coming in the mail via FedEx from the states and overseas. I know it’s last minute but at least it’s not late. 

Okay, here’s the answer to the question I’ve been asked the most. “what will the original decks be going for?” The whole point of the show is to raise money and awareness for Princess Margaret Hospital. As well, give you a chance to own an Original piece of art by one of you favorite artist or maybe discover one you never knew. So…with that in mind all pieces are going for $300 dollars, with some going for a bit more and some less based on what the artist requested and because of shipping. So nothing less than $200 and nothing more than $400

I’m being fair and not actually purchasing any pieces till after the show. If any are left? 

Hope you enjoy! Theirs 30 amazing pieces of art to see, you won’t want to miss it!


Dan Springer first caught my eye at an Omy Gallery Vans Shoes slip-on show, with this pretty incredible pair, as seen below. (changeable vinyl inserts)


I soon afterwards realized I’d seen his work before but never did know his name. When this show was being put together it slipped my mind to ask Dan. He contacted me and I felt bad because I really dig his work and all the decks were accounted for. Then the unthinkable happened. Someone had to back out last minute. So, I got a hold of Dan right away and with little time to spare he was game. The end result is going to be Insane. Check out the the unfinished and work in progress of Dan Springer‘s Deck. As well go to his Blog to see/read about the process, a worth while read. You have to see the final result! Only at the show of course’


So this weekend I’m riding around the city picking up a few of the last decks for the show and running a couple other errands. When out of nowhere a car speeds up and cuts me off trying to park. No, pull forward put on the blinkers then reverse. Nope just swoop in and take me out. Luckily I wasn’t too banged up and the deck I was carrying on my back was fine. 

I’m not gonna get into the rest but basically it was him saying “why is everyone ganging up on me” and his wife saying “WHAT DO YOU WANT, MONEY?” Who’s talking about money lady? You drove into me with your car!

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