one day as a lion

I still don’t have a camera’ So, you’ll just have to believe me when I say the free swag that came with this EP was pretty sweet! Free CD, download gift cards, a bandana, stickers etc. Big thanks to Kings Road Merch & Anti- Records

So, I meant to pick this up when it first came out but held off because Anti-Records said a 180 gram vinyl pressing was in the works. I signed up to be notified when it came out, but never seemed to received one. Last week I was thinking of whatever happened to that? I quick myspace google and an email later and I am now the proud owner of the new One Day As A Lion EP. I say proud because I really dig this record. Not because it’s Zack from Rage or jon theodore from  Mars Volta but because it’s a little out of left field and these two say a lot with very little. Just drums keys and a mic. It’s raw and full all at the same time. 

As an EP and only $9 bucks, I’d say it’s worth it’

“ The name taken from the infamous 1970 black and white, captured by legendary Chicano photographer George Rodriguez featuring a center framed tag on a white wall in an unspecified section of Boyle Heights. It reads: ‘It’s better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand years as a lamb.”