I still have a couple of decks coming in the mail via FedEx from the states and overseas. I know it’s last minute but at least it’s not late. 

Okay, here’s the answer to the question I’ve been asked the most. “what will the original decks be going for?” The whole point of the show is to raise money and awareness for Princess Margaret Hospital. As well, give you a chance to own an Original piece of art by one of you favorite artist or maybe discover one you never knew. So…with that in mind all pieces are going for $300 dollars, with some going for a bit more and some less based on what the artist requested and because of shipping. So nothing less than $200 and nothing more than $400

I’m being fair and not actually purchasing any pieces till after the show. If any are left? 

Hope you enjoy! Theirs 30 amazing pieces of art to see, you won’t want to miss it!