First off, too many names to name. So I’m THANKING EVERYONE that came out and supported. Everyone that helped bring this together an extra thank you.

Last night was insane!! The turnout was incredible. The energy, vibe and positivity was through the roof. All the kids ripping it up on the mini ramp killed it! and the drop in from the balcony ledge was off the wall. 

You better act quick! A bunch of decks sold last night and a few more are selling this week. So…if your still interested in any pieces please contact me at before it’s too late! I ‘ll let you know what’s available. We won’t know exactly how much was raised till the end of the showing but it’s looking good!

The artist, I didn’t forget about you. How could I? Thank You all again so much. You all knocked it out the park! I’ll keep you posted on which decks Freedom Fighter will purchase and hang in the office allowing for everyone to have their chance. 

I’ll have Some single shots of the decks up hopefully this week. As well the rest of the event photos and video to follow(might take sometime with editing) but you’ll see them in the weeks to follow.

I have to say a BIG Thank You to Ken & Greg from The Bait Shop. You guys and the rest of the crew are amazing! I’ll need a second or two to rest, but I can’t wait to work with these guys again.

If you’re interested in the Spring Lines of decks or tees please hit me up here or email me. The new web store should be finished shortly and I’ll post the shops in your area where they’ll be available.

Music was amazing as well thanks guys for ripping it’


             All the single deck and the show photos to come. Stay posted!!!!!!!