disposable10Yeah everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in the last few days. I was helping a few friends at The Clothing Show this past weekend. Now I’m at the Gallery, so if you want to drop by or get at me for an appointment. Decks are moving fast and theirs still some pretty impressive decks left, but not for long. 

blindpremiere_to_may9Yup’ that’s right! The new Blind Video. It’s been a minute and you know this doesn’t come around often. Actually, at all’ So you know you’re gonna want to hit this up and check it out before it hits stores May 15th. The good fellows at The Bait Shop are hosting this event Saturday May 9th 7pm-11pm. The same night is the launch for the now in print King Shit Magazine. As well the wrap party for The DISPOSABLE ART show. So you don’t want to miss any of this!! coverweb “King Shit will be in the building, so you won’t want to miss meeting these dudes”