June 2009

I know I’m a little late with this, but it’s been crazy around the office as of late. This past weekend I hit up the Globe premiere for united by fate 5. Chris Haslam and Ryan Decenzo were both in the house for the event. I couldn’t stay long b/c I was helping out the gents of TLG over at 751 with an event they were having. We gave away a TON of gear and had one too many drinks, but all in all it made for a pretty good night. Sorry about the lack of pictures’ I finally have a camera again and forgot it in my bag all weekend. The rest of the weekend wasn’t too bad. Minus the girl driving into me with her car! I still managed to hit up my buddies stag and win a few prizes, including a texas mickey of Smirnoff vodka. So I guess that made up for the young lady not paying attention. I guess?

On Sunday the guys from the Parlor Mob stop checked into the compound, and we played a little kick ball. Again I have to remember the camera. Super cool dudes nonetheless!


So, I have an up and coming collabo I’m doing with Farrah Skateboards. It’s an all girls line of decks and tee’s. My good friend Mike (Omy Gallery) is heading the company and he has a show coming up as well. It’s called “Tag, your it” The show features Spazz(aka Mikey) and Spud.  Here’s the flyer below.


Spazz has been banging out projects for everyone from Ben Sherman to Vans. As well has been commissioned by the likes of Paris Hilton to Andy Dick to paint their portraits. Spud on the other hand has been busy bombing what seems to be every inch of the city. Their July 11th show at The Bait Shop is shaping up really nicely! I’ve seen a few of the piece and am already impressed’ Be sure to bookmark the date.

FFSBxFSBAbove is a little preview of the Freedom Fighter x Spazz x Farrah Skateboards old school deck that’ll be dropping later next month. This is gonna a be off the hook!! and I can’t wait to get my hands on the finished product. This is a very limited run. So, get at me for orders!

It’s always a good day when I receive an email from my boy Dave the Chimp. Especially when I know how busy he is. He recently had three solo shows in three months in three different German cities. G** Damn!! Oh, did I mention his new book just dropped as well. If you haven’t seen or copped a copy of it, get out to your local art/book store and be sure to support.

new book

Check out the piece he painted for the Weserburg Museum. As part of their Urban Art Exhibition.


Last but not least, be on the lookout for more updates involving the future Dave the Chimp X Freedom Fighter collabo.


So, there’s a bunch of events going on throughout the city this Sunday for Go Skateboarding Day. Here’s a couple I think are worth checking out. First off is the Monster Energy  & Skate4Cancer’s downtown skate jam. Sponsored in part by The Lovely Gentlemen’s Club. Tons of giveaways and a newly built skate course. Check the flyer above for all the details.


This is the other event worth checking out this Sunday. It’s put on by Emerica and it’s starting at Dunbat skate park around noon. To take over the streets of Toronto to rise awareness of skateboarding, and just have some fun running the streets for the day. How often do you get to take over city streets with a great crew and just rip!?


So last night I was at The Bait Shop, where the fine gentlemen were hosting the premiere of the new Zoo York video. Free beer’ open skate jam and the first glimpse at the video most definitely made for a good night.

I’m still camera-less hence zero pictures posted, but I bumped into Sir Bradley from TLG and he was snapping away. So, stay turned to there blog for pictures and a full recap. 


So, it’s always nice to get emails from Freedom Fighter alumni Sean Fagan. Here’s a photo of young(I mean 2 & a half year old) Hensley. This was taking after his last session in the pool. I can’t wait to see his boy in 5 or 6 years, and yes he’s named after the man Matt Hensley himself. Here’s a couple of flashback videos. Remember the name Hensley Fagan!

Even tho, De La keeps telling me that it’s so Itsoweezee. I still can’t seem to shake them. 

                (Monday+Rain=case of the mondays)

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