I’ve been sleeping on posting the last while, but that’s only b/c I’ve been super busy!! It’s all gonna change tho’ not the busy part but most definitely the posting. 

This past Friday Push.ca had an event with TLG and King Shit mag. If you missed out shitty’ because something that started out a little chaotic ended up being a banger! The Beatnuts killed it’ and the blackjack skate comp/best trick all came together in the end.

Hammer board shop ended up being the big winners taking home all prizes in the comp and Dan Arget with best trick. Congrats’ homies’

You have to checkout the next “The Lovely Gentlemen’s club” event. It’s at the Sound-Academy on June 21 for Go Skateboarding Day. 

*All Photos Copyright 2009 Scott Casey                                 **Minus the three not marked Casey

4514_184149375042_767165042_7054751_3930014_nMatt from Push & TLG’s  Sir HAINSCHWANG starting off the show

4514_184149495042_767165042_7054766_4386704_nLast minute registration  

92blackjack                    Place your bets!!

4514_184149535042_767165042_7054772_2386258_n4514_184149530042_767165042_7054771_6288307_n4514_184149515042_767165042_7054769_2259783_n87Willy Lavigne reppin’ Freedom Fighter and throwing a Benny out there first run

Tlg%20x%20push%20and%20others%20031.JPG-450x500                             Hammer/Dan Arget were the big winners of the night’

crowd                                         What a good looking crowd!!