So, I have an up and coming collabo I’m doing with Farrah Skateboards. It’s an all girls line of decks and tee’s. My good friend Mike (Omy Gallery) is heading the company and he has a show coming up as well. It’s called “Tag, your it” The show features Spazz(aka Mikey) and Spud.  Here’s the flyer below.


Spazz has been banging out projects for everyone from Ben Sherman to Vans. As well has been commissioned by the likes of Paris Hilton to Andy Dick to paint their portraits. Spud on the other hand has been busy bombing what seems to be every inch of the city. Their July 11th show at The Bait Shop is shaping up really nicely! I’ve seen a few of the piece and am already impressed’ Be sure to bookmark the date.

FFSBxFSBAbove is a little preview of the Freedom Fighter x Spazz x Farrah Skateboards old school deck that’ll be dropping later next month. This is gonna a be off the hook!! and I can’t wait to get my hands on the finished product. This is a very limited run. So, get at me for orders!