I know I’m a little late with this, but it’s been crazy around the office as of late. This past weekend I hit up the Globe premiere for united by fate 5. Chris Haslam and Ryan Decenzo were both in the house for the event. I couldn’t stay long b/c I was helping out the gents of TLG over at 751 with an event they were having. We gave away a TON of gear and had one too many drinks, but all in all it made for a pretty good night. Sorry about the lack of pictures’ I finally have a camera again and forgot it in my bag all weekend. The rest of the weekend wasn’t too bad. Minus the girl driving into me with her car! I still managed to hit up my buddies stag and win a few prizes, including a texas mickey of Smirnoff vodka. So I guess that made up for the young lady not paying attention. I guess?

On Sunday the guys from the Parlor Mob stop checked into the compound, and we played a little kick ball. Again I have to remember the camera. Super cool dudes nonetheless!