July 2009

I meant to post this before but it slipped my mind. It’s the video for Any Fun by Jason Schwartzman’s band Coconut Records. The main reason for posting this, is that the man himself!! Mark Gonzales directed it. He definitely does what he wants and for that reason alone I’ll always be a big fan.


So a good friend of mine Nick Dywelska and well rounded artist, sent me this video of his Tape Flanger he built. Check it out below. ( I’ll warn you, it’s a little scary)

Thanks again for being part of the Disposable Art show and hope DC is treating you well


If you’re around or in the area this Saturday, drop by 751 and have a drink or two. The Lovely Gentlemen of TLG will be hosting another party. Freedom Fighter won’t be giving away swag this time but King Shit, Krew and Supra will be. Definitely worth checking out. This is where I’ll be if anyones looking for me.

I ran into a good buddy and old roommate of mine the other day, and watched him and his daughter(who’s one of the coolest people I know!) devour a couple of ice cream cones. Just as anyone should on a hot sunny summery day. No soy cream. So I wasn’t screaming for ice cream. I did enjoy taking a couple of shots of the end result. 

Ice CreamJordanIce Cream

They’re definitely good peoples and you better be on the lookout for them. Next year is the year of the Murphy’s. Jordan will be banging out some insane furniture designs/concepts and his lovely daughter is gonna take over the world!! but first she’ll start with her first day of grade 1. 

I had to shout these two out. Not only b/c he’s an amazing papa but they’ve always been big supporters of Freedom Fighter. Now I’m feeling like some Ice cream.

So, Dan Springer is finally back from his vacation overseas and without a blink of the eye he’s back at it! I’ve been a big fan of his monthly desktop calendars and his new one doesn’t disappoint’ Check it out below and be sure to hit up his site to see what’s on the horizon.

ghost calendar

As well the Hackney Olympics is a little over a week away, crazy enough. This always seems to be a pretty rad and entertaining skate jam, to say the least! Checkout the flyer or the site for the deets.


Freedom Fighter would like to wish it’s rider Willy Lavigne a Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! I hope you have a good session today and stay out of trouble tonight. I guess, I’ll have to wait and see how the night plays out. Above is his part from the BLTwo video. Enjoy!