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Amanda Curtis Presents Steve Olson Art Show

Sponsored by Converse  & Freedom Fighter Skateboards

When I received a call from my good friend Amanda asking if I knew of any nice gallery space that might be available for a Steve Olson art show. I messaged her back and said ” Steve Olson! You mean gnarly as Hell Steve Olson!?” She replied “Yep!” So I made some calls and emails and within minutes I had had a space that I thought would fit perfectly. Amanda & I met up the next day and after a bike ride to gallery and a coffee, she had a space. Her & Josh from Sleep Giant Gallery met eye to eye on everything and was able to work everything out on such short notice, which was amazing!

This show is looking to be off the wall and it’s all going down September 11th 2009. Yes folks I did say Sept. 11th, and with knowing how Steve normally using his mediums to say just what’s on his mind. This show and date will make for an interesting/amazing time!!

Here’s some deets, can’t wait to see you all there!!!!!!

“My Art gives contemporary art a juvenile delinquent phase. Its self-made style icons gleefully trashed conventions of beauty and society while pickpocketing from the coolest underground styles and beliefs of the previous centuries…” Steve Olson

Steve Olson, a pro skateboarder in the 70s and 80s and prominent figure in the L.A. and San Francisco Punk Rock scene, creates Post Modern work that weaves narrative themes of capitalism, pop culture, social decay, and modern banality with the energy and fun of the early Punk scene. Steve Olson’s work confronts and undermines the way society constructs and imposes a traditional hierarchy of cultural values and meanings by critiquing contemporary society and our relationship with it. The artwork explores power and the way economic and social forces exert that power by shaping the identities of individuals and culture. Questioning the nature and extent of our freedom his art challenges our acquiescence to authority and conventional thought.

Bold imagery, layered texture, deconstructed material and a playful relationship between art, language and meaning gives this thoughtful work a dimension beyond it’s visual impact.