September 2009

I’ve been meaning to post more from Manifesto but I’ve been super busy as of late. As well I’m waiting on more pictures. I did stumble across a little write-up by BlogTo.

MG_58811Alan Wood was kind enough to jump in and paint up a couple of decks.


Our day started off with us arriving around 8:30 in the morning. Only to find our fencing/racking was a little late. Even tho it didn’t come till noon. I was lucky enough to have assistance from some of the best volunteers ever! and Manifesto. Thanks again to all of you that helped make this possible. We were able to quickly put the decks up and then the rest was all Smolik.

SANY0061I cut of Bilal’s head off. Sorry homie, but he was one of the coolest cats I met that day. He’s has some pretty crazy plans and interesting ideas. So watch out for him and his future projects. I’ll keep you posted, and maybe a FF collab!?


As I’ve mentioned before. I always manage to forget my camera, and even when I don’t I seem to take a few shots then forget about it. Check out the Manifesto site for more pics of the day and I’ll keep you posted with photos of all the finished boards.


Sunday was the second last day of Summer but the most beautiful day of it’

The Manifesto wrap party at Nathan Phillips Square was absolutely amazing! The Energy and the people were unbelievable. I have a TON of photos but forgot my camera in a box. Sorry! You’ll have to wait till later this week to see them all’ but trust me when I say they’re while worth it’

Smolik killed it! of course. If you checkout his blog HERE you can see a few of the decks he did. He ended up painting 24 decks with the theme of Peace. Alan C. Wood from Market Garden Collection stepped in contributing  three decks. Which ended up being a pretty crazy piece. Thank again Alan.

As I said beforepictures still to come & more about the festivities. Thanks to everyone that came out and supported, and all the new friends Freedom Fighter made.



So as I mentioned before Manifesto is on and to kick it off their was a screening on The Freshest Kids & Bomb it this past Wednesday. If you missed out no worries because they’re both available on DVD. Checkout the trailers above and be sure to hit up the art show tonight if your in the Toronto area.

Here’s the deets for the art show this evening.

52 McCaul Street

(30 Steps North of Queen West and McCaul) / Near Osgoode or St. Patrick Subway Station

8:00pm – 2:00am


It’s true’ Manifesto turns 3 and to Celebrate they’ve been throwing events all month long. Leading up to the 5 day festival, starting this Wednesday. I’ve always been down with Manifesto and when I got a call from my good friend Che about being involved and helping out I said ” of course” We went back & forth on a few ideas and finally came up with a concept.

Freedom Fighter has teamed up with Smolik and……..I guess you’ll just have to show up to see.

I’ve wanted to work with Smolik for some time now. Not only because his art, in all forms is absolutely amazing, but b/c he’s one of the coolest laid back people you’ll meet and he’s REAL. I thought this project would be a perfect fit. So I gave him a shout and a couple of days and a coffee later, we started planning. Smolik will be painting 30 blank decks in 4 and 3 board sections that will all flow into one another. With the overall theme of the day being peace. I can’t wait to see this all come together!! The decks will go for $50 dollars each with the section coming to $150 to $200 dollars in total. Why so inexpensive you might ask?? Well, Manifesto is a non profit community based festival and with this in mind we thought what better way to give back then to give YOU affordable original pieces of art. You can stop by and watch the pieces being made inaction.

What better way to have people look at graffiti as art (which it is) then to bring it to canvas and skateboards. Hoping to change or sway the opinion of those that deem it as vandalism.

We’ll have a booth and a second artist painting a canvas on our third side. Yup’ we have a three section triangle. So you’ll have to come by to check everything out.

OH NO, I almost forgot! Reflection Eternal ( Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek) with a TON of other artist will be performing. Check the flyer above for all the acts.

The Steve Olson Art Show went down this past Saturday, and it was pretty amazing!! The man himself was there and art was sold and drinks were served. Thanks to everyone that came out and supported! Pictures still to come. 


If you don’t already own the June issue of Juxtapoz art & Culture Magazine it’s well worth grabbing. If only to read the article on Steve Olson, and just before you hit up Sleeping Giant Gallery this Friday for his solo show.

Steve Olson is one of if not the most gnarly skater ever! and he’s still ripping it’ Now with a couple of impressive art shows under his belt. He’s taking over Toronto this weekend. Be sure to checkout the opening STEVE OLSON Art Show this Friday September 11th. Here’s the first page of his interview in Juxtapoz, love the headlining quote!