I’ve been meaning to post more from Manifesto but I’ve been super busy as of late. As well I’m waiting on more pictures. I did stumble across a little write-up by BlogTo.

MG_58811Alan Wood was kind enough to jump in and paint up a couple of decks.


Our day started off with us arriving around 8:30 in the morning. Only to find our fencing/racking was a little late. Even tho it didn’t come till noon. I was lucky enough to have assistance from some of the best volunteers ever! and Manifesto. Thanks again to all of you that helped make this possible. We were able to quickly put the decks up and then the rest was all Smolik.

SANY0061I cut of Bilal’s head off. Sorry homie, but he was one of the coolest cats I met that day. He’s has some pretty crazy plans and interesting ideas. So watch out for him and his future projects. I’ll keep you posted, and maybe a FF collab!?


As I’ve mentioned before. I always manage to forget my camera, and even when I don’t I seem to take a few shots then forget about it. Check out the Manifesto site for more pics of the day and I’ll keep you posted with photos of all the finished boards.