December 2009

Just wrapped up the Bowman x TLG project, and I couldn’t be happier!!

I’ve been a fan of Bowman’s work for some time now, and was lucky enough to pick up one of his originals years ago and now even luckier to call him a friend. So when the gents over at TLG approached me about working on a project together and asked for my input on who to use and what to do. I immediately thought of Bowman. Knowing he’d kill it and the fact that I had been wanting to work with him seemed to be a perfect fit. A few changes later and a new concept we had what later turned out to be an amazing end result. The gents loved it and Bowman can’t stop smiling about the project. So all in all it was an adventure to say the least.

This is just one of the background gorillas from the entire piece. Remember, this is just a small small sample of what’s yet to come!! Watch out for the full posting and deck to come this spring.

Just wait till you see the the new FFSB x TLG x Bowman deck in full action with all the characters and beasts.

Bowman, thanks again for killing this!


This is how I’m feeling! Haha’ What a great track!!

So my old friend Mark dropped by today to give me a Christmas present. I remember him telling me before it was something I already had. Now, this got me thinking but I couldn’t figure it out!?

Here he is sporting the Freedom Fighter Bazooka Trooper chain. He always seems to be rocking something FF. Then he hands me this bag.


 WTF!?!!? An empty bag with tissues, ha ha? Mark’s never been that funny and I think this is why. Oh, then he says to me “do you remember that piece of art I asked you to hold onto” The one you’re picking up today to go have framed? Yeah, here it is! “Merry Christmas!” He got me, and he got me good.  He picked up a piece at the Steve Olson’s art show in Toronto back in September and asked me to store it for him. Wow! I can’t believe he got me. Thanks homie!! and Merry Christmas.

So the holidays are upon us, and when Ken asked me to lend a hand with the Christmas raffle benefiting The Lake Ontario Waterkeepers association. I said we’re in!!  What an amazing group of people that are dedicated to keeping our lakes/waterways safe for swimming and drinking. Cover for the evening is $5 or a non-perishable food item. The night will also play host to the launch of the second edition of Word Zine, Street Feet & the Dunbat Video. A ton going on for one evening but the guys at The Bait Shop want to help out and give back for all the support they’ve received this year. So, please come out and have a drink and win yourself an xmas gift.

It seems that I’m never satisfied. We have a ton of upcoming spring projects that we’re pretty excited about, and this summer is going to get even crazier!! I know I’m being super vague but trust me, I’ll be filling you in soon, and it’s worth the wait! Now back to the grind.