So my old friend Mark dropped by today to give me a Christmas present. I remember him telling me before it was something I already had. Now, this got me thinking but I couldn’t figure it out!?

Here he is sporting the Freedom Fighter Bazooka Trooper chain. He always seems to be rocking something FF. Then he hands me this bag.


 WTF!?!!? An empty bag with tissues, ha ha? Mark’s never been that funny and I think this is why. Oh, then he says to me “do you remember that piece of art I asked you to hold onto” The one you’re picking up today to go have framed? Yeah, here it is! “Merry Christmas!” He got me, and he got me good.  He picked up a piece at the Steve Olson’s art show in Toronto back in September and asked me to store it for him. Wow! I can’t believe he got me. Thanks homie!! and Merry Christmas.