January 2010

Sometimes I wonder why I want a new camera when I can’t remember to ever bring out the one I have. Seriously, I constantly forget it. Even when I do remember it I leave it in my bag. Pretty much every time! Busy week finalizing all the details of the next Disposable Show and the Spring/Summer lines. A ton of running around this week, but I was able to meet up with Derrick Hodgson(no pictures of course). To sit down for what lately seems to be my favorite meal of the day(a coffee)and talk shop, art and politics and to give him his deck for the show. If you know his work you’ll know you’re in for a treat! and if not, you might want to click the link and check his work out.

I’ve been a fan of Derricks for some time now and we’re lucky enough to have him involved in this show. As well, we’re looking forward to future projects in the horizon.


From the header you may have noticed that these photos were some what shelved. Not on purpose! but these photos are from a series done for the new site(still in progress) and that’s why. I was lucky enough to have Chris and Amanda come by and help me with this shoot, especially because it was a little last-minute.  Can’t thank everyone enough and just wait to see what else Viktor came up with.

A lot more to come with the new site and shoots for the Spring & Summer lines.

Copyrights and photos courtesy of Viktor Cahoj

FF is helping out the gents over at TLG with their first party of the year. Lots of giveaways and familiar faces! Come out and have a few drinks, catch up and see what they have brewing for the year.

I know I said the Disposable art show is canadian in theme, and it is! Minus Nathan Jurevicius. The Australian artist who’s know for his imaginative world of Scary Girl. A  young girl who was abandoned and later washed up on a deserted peninsula and now she’s on a mission to find the person responsible for her haunting dreams. From this bright wonderful and unpredictable world has come vinyl toys, art prints and a graphic novel. I know he’s not Canadian, but he was living in Toronto when asked to be part of last years show. He had prior commitments and was out-of-town. Lucky enough he’s able to lend his time and skills to this event. So I’m deeming him an honorary Canadian and excited to have him be a part of this show.


I know it’s been a minute since my last posting, but we’ve been hard at work. A ton of new projects in the works and coming soon. I’ll get into that a bit later, but for now I want to talk about the next Disposable Show. This will be taking place in late April early May.

This year we want to shed more light and focus on homegrown talent. Sorry to disappoint anyone that wanted to see what some of the international artists were going do this year. No worries tho because they will be part of next years show.

This year is all about Canadian artists, with all of last years being asked back. As well a few new ones. This show will be a silent auction instead of first come first served. So everybody gets a chance to put a bid in on their favorite piece or pieces. What else is different about this show is that it’s not by invite only. Anyone and everyone interested in being apart of this show can reach me for any and all inquiries at joey@freedomfighterskateboards.com All submitting artist will purchase their deck for $25 to help cover costs. This will highlight you and your art and help raise money in support of Free Skates. To help give skateboards to youth here and abroad that my have never been able to skate otherwise.

Thanks again to everyone that came out to last years show and everyone that has supported us as well. Without you all these positive community building projects wouldn’t be possible.

This show is looking like it will be even bigger than last years. So you won’t want to miss it!! I’ll be continually updating you with info and progress.