Sometimes I wonder why I want a new camera when I can’t remember to ever bring out the one I have. Seriously, I constantly forget it. Even when I do remember it I leave it in my bag. Pretty much every time! Busy week finalizing all the details of the next Disposable Show and the Spring/Summer lines. A ton of running around this week, but I was able to meet up with Derrick Hodgson(no pictures of course). To sit down for what lately seems to be my favorite meal of the day(a coffee)and talk shop, art and politics and to give him his deck for the show. If you know his work you’ll know you’re in for a treat! and if not, you might want to click the link and check his work out.

I’ve been a fan of Derricks for some time now and we’re lucky enough to have him involved in this show. As well, we’re looking forward to future projects in the horizon.