February 2010

Bob Biniak was only 52 years old when he suffered a massive cardiac arrest on Sunday and passed away yesterday morning. He was known by far for being one of the hardest and toughest dudes from the original Zephyr skateboard team. He was also know as an innovator in pool skating and any vertical flat wall. He will to truly missed by his loved ones and everyone he inspired. If you haven’t already seen his childhood friend Glen E. Friedman’s book DOGTOWN – The Legend of the Z-Boys it’s a must see. You won’t be disappointed. 


Look who stopped by today(Nick) to go over some of the upcoming and future projects FF and Free Skates have on the go. Here he is stealing my computer to show me a few new ideas he’s had brewing in the last little while.

About an hour before Nick showed up Mr. Postman came by to drop off a couple of new 45’s from Rough Trade to give me some inspiration well working into the late hours of the night. The first is GSH‘s Me and the Devil single with a NYC Orchestral Version B-Side. Which is a nice take on the original dark and minimal track. The second is the self-produced single Boy Boy by Lissy Trullie. The former model turned musician relocated and has been crafting her own sound with New York as her influential back drop. You can tell she’s taken pages from some of her elders that have helped mold the NYC rock scene, but she does it with style and on her terms. Now I just need to get back to work and the records.

A large post on the upcoming another Disposable Art show to follow. With all artists involved and the deets.

I came down stairs to a little package. What could it be? Is it? It is! 

A friend of mine and a great human being Rob Dyer from Skate4Cancer has released a Limited Edition Tee in support of his skate across New Zealand & Australia. So of course I had to support him and the cause, and it’s a pretty bad ass graphic as well. I’m also a big fan of his ideology, “We may not raise enough money but we may raise enough people to cure cancer.” No matter what has been put in front of Rob his outlook is the same and he continues to stay positive and push ahead. Please support good people and causes. You can also see his journey so far HERE at his video blog.

No more hold ups! If I owe you a blank deck still for this years Disposable Art Show then come & get’em, or let’s meet for a coffee and exchange. I’ll also be shipping your decks this weekend. So we can let you get to it. The Canadian art world has some pretty unbelievable talent, and we’ve been lucky enough to have 40 or so be part of this years show. I know a few of the concepts and I’m already amazed! I’m thinking I might have to break the bank and out bid all & any on Dan Springer‘s deck. His concept is gonna blow your mind, honestly! More updates and a final list of artists to come.

Straight from the presses! You can even still see the saw dust and a few edges that still need to be sanded.

Took me a minute or two but it finally happened. After  my meeting with Nick from Free Skates today, I headed over to my local mom and pop convenience store to pick up the latest issue of Snowboard Canada magazine. In support of my comrade and team rider Smolik. Who has an artist profile in it. You can either go check out or take a minute to read here. Oh’ as well he has a video part that Momar filmed that can be seen HERE.

I’m also meeting up with Mr. Helstren this Saturday to go over the FF x Smolik collabo. After working together at Manifesto this past fall, we knew we wanted to work on another project, and I think we found the perfect one.

It’s been 4 years since he last walked on this earth, but his music will forever live on. Some days it seems as if he’s walking among us. Luckily Ma Dukes has finally gotten control over her son’s Estate. This will help with taking care of his medical bills and such. A special thanks to ?uestlove for hanging on to the domain name for her for so many years. Now everything has been reorganized with a new website, foundation, and all upcoming projects. The first on the list is this Stussy X Stones Throw collabo tee available this Saturday. (Original photo taken by Raph Rashid)

As I sit here listening to some of my favorite records (that just happen to be produced by Yancey) I can’t help but feel happy and saddened at the same time. This was a true genius(exceptional intellectual with a creative power and natural ability) that was taken from us far to early.

This is what I’m listen to at the moment, Phat Kat feat. Elzhi and produced by the man himself. Three tough cats from Detroit. I know this song was slept on and didn’t get a lot of play. Hmm…..maybe that’s the reason why I like it so!? but I can’t get enough.

Phat Kat feat. Elzhi Prod. JDilla

Michael Sterling Eaton is responsible for the new Gil Scott-Heron video as well as a new music project he’s doing with Creative Control. The first single features Mos Def and is looking to be gold. Check it out below.

Michael directed his first film with/for Osiris, this is where he met Jay Adams for the first time and went on to work together. For those of you wondering where the skate & art direction came from. A Visual Sound has a great interview with him about the “Me And The Devil” video.

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