Gil Scott-Heron has inspired & motivated me a nice deal in the past, and now with his first album in 16 years he’s done it again! I haven’t been able to go more than a couple of days in the last month without watching this video.

His whole career he fought for what he believed in and spread his insights and poetry through his recordings and books. His first album was 15 tracks and recorded at the age of 21. He continued to write and produced albums until 1994. Now at 61 he gives us “I’m New Here” 15 tracks just like his first. Stating that he’s come full circle to be new here again. 

Skaters in this video, Jon Lodge (Certified Skateboards),David “50″ Brown (Zoo York), Jamel Marshall (Certified skateboards), Darryl Westly (Certified), Larry Schmidt (Autobahn wheels)