It’s been 4 years since he last walked on this earth, but his music will forever live on. Some days it seems as if he’s walking among us. Luckily Ma Dukes has finally gotten control over her son’s Estate. This will help with taking care of his medical bills and such. A special thanks to ?uestlove for hanging on to the domain name for her for so many years. Now everything has been reorganized with a new website, foundation, and all upcoming projects. The first on the list is this Stussy X Stones Throw collabo tee available this Saturday. (Original photo taken by Raph Rashid)

As I sit here listening to some of my favorite records (that just happen to be produced by Yancey) I can’t help but feel happy and saddened at the same time. This was a true genius(exceptional intellectual with a creative power and natural ability) that was taken from us far to early.

This is what I’m listen to at the moment, Phat Kat feat. Elzhi and produced by the man himself. Three tough cats from Detroit. I know this song was slept on and didn’t get a lot of play. Hmm…..maybe that’s the reason why I like it so!? but I can’t get enough.

Phat Kat feat. Elzhi Prod. JDilla