Look who stopped by today(Nick) to go over some of the upcoming and future projects FF and Free Skates have on the go. Here he is stealing my computer to show me a few new ideas he’s had brewing in the last little while.

About an hour before Nick showed up Mr. Postman came by to drop off a couple of new 45’s from Rough Trade to give me some inspiration well working into the late hours of the night. The first is GSH‘s Me and the Devil single with a NYC Orchestral Version B-Side. Which is a nice take on the original dark and minimal track. The second is the self-produced single Boy Boy by Lissy Trullie. The former model turned musician relocated and has been crafting her own sound with New York as her influential back drop. You can tell she’s taken pages from some of her elders that have helped mold the NYC rock scene, but she does it with style and on her terms. Now I just need to get back to work and the records.

A large post on the upcoming another Disposable Art show to follow. With all artists involved and the deets.