This year’s show will be held at 52 McCaul on May 8th. We’re happy to be working with Steve Ferrara and Lisa Martin of Well and Good. It’s refreshing to meet two people who are actively involved in the community and making a difference. Too many times I’ve seen ego creep in and over shadow the people and community they were trying to help. No need to ever worry about that, because they’re constantly too busy with lending a hand, planning & holding events and pushing forward with what needs to be done to help out not only the art community but also those in need. We work with a lot of great people and are lucky to have them onboard and looking forward to future projects.

The Gallery usually has a pop-up shop that houses works from previous shows and projects. As well it carries works from some pretty amazing musical and visual artists here and abroad. The night of the reception it will lend it’s self to us to showcase the items donated for the raffle and silent auction. We’ll be posting photos of the items and packages up for grabs in the coming weeks.

The back half of the gallery at the time was showing Broke: Photos from post-quake Haiti by Nick Kozak it’s not for the faint of heart. So No pictures were taken of the space. It will be home to our friend Alan Wood‘s first solo show. It couldn’t have worked out any better because he’ll also be taking part again in this years show.

This years show will be focusing on homegrown talent and will be benefiting Free Skates. To help build skateboards for kids here and abroad as well help sponsor kids for skate camps.

Some of the artists involved in this years show:

Che Kothari
Nicholas Di Genova
Derrick Hodgson
Nathan Jurevicius
Juliana Neufeld
Dan Springer
Jeff Dywelska
The Bait Shop
Karyn (The Workroom)
Adrian Forrow
Jordan Murphy
Alan Wood
Hugo Arias
Winnie Truong
Janice Kun
3am Design
Tami Noa Levy
Christie Shinn
Hayden Menzies
Lizzie Renaud
Stu Playdead
Tracy Horner
Abe Lincoln Jr
Sean Fagan
Jenny Boulger

Plus More