April 2010

So, yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with Elly from CBE(Clothing Brand Experiment). She happened to come across the show (and raffle) and reached out to lend a hand. She, and like-minded community based people, filled with good intentions help keep me positive and see the good around me. After hanging out and talking for a little over an hour with her and her beautiful pup Theo, she started going through her stock and ended up donating 4,  yes 4 sweats for the raffle. As any of you independents know, this is a big deal, especially since it’s all made locally. She also just launched a cool artist series line that’s worth checking out. Maybe a collaboration of sorts will be in the future?? Who knows? Thanks again Elly.

I was also talking with Marc from 1up Games in Hamilton. Luckily he’s been nice enough to give us a gently used but still in the box NES system, with a Super Mario Bros 3 game. Yup, a little bit of child hood is up for grabs. That’s it! I’m not giving up anymore prizes, so you’ll have to wait and show up to see and have a chance of winning some of these goods. Marc, I can’t thank you enough.


Last year I previewed two decks before the show. This year won’t be the same, sorry!! I’ll just be displaying ONE, but this one should be more than enough.

Yesterday I swung by and met up with one of the most real and laid back people I know, Nicholas Di Genova. After hanging outside in the sun for a while, we headed into his studio. I had seen a small preview of what was to come, but not until you see it in person do you get the full wow effect! I know his process and how much time a piece like this takes and I couldn’t stop telling him, “are you kidding me!” Nick smiled and laughed at me. I could tell he was as excited to see my reaction as he was with the piece. Click on the picture and then click on that picture to enlarge it.

I remember emailing Nathan(Jurevicius) late 08′ early 09′ about last years Disposable Show. He was living in Toronto at the time but was swamped and going to be out of town for a while and couldn’t take part. So when this years show came up, we got to talking. He was one of, if not the first to come on board(pun not intended). We knew we wanted to work on something else, and from those talks came this Limited Edition deck for his upcoming Giant Robot show in New York. We couldn’t settle on just one, so we had to do two colorways. No need for guessing, that is metallic gold.

Here is the flyer to Harley & Boss. His and Andrea Kang‘s joint show and launch of their new venture together at GRNY.

This year we came up with the idea of having a raffle. With tickets going for only $2 bucks each, or 3 for $5 or 8 for $10. So we reached out to friends and companies in the community and they came through in a big way, and we can’t thank them enough. You don’t have to worry about your number being called and not winning because you had left already. You’re name and number or email will be put on the back of the ticket. So no need to sweat it!

Last year Francesco from Levi’s came through the gallery a few days after the shows reception. He was stoked on the show and the art and we got to talking, and about 30mins later we noticed that we wanted to work on something in the future. Not sure on what, we exchanged cards. Recently we started talking about this years show and two days later these were in the mail.

Levi´s® Vintage Clothing Dry Goods Style: 1947 Jean Dry Goods 501xx

Details: – Raw Denim – Shrink to fit – Big E – Straight cut – Made in the USA – Rare Deadstock – 100% Cotton – Red Selvedge

We’ve been lucky enough to have some great people contribute,

Bikes on Wheels

The Bait Shop Skate Shop



Free Skates

Us of course, and a few more surprises to come.

Thanks to Ken (of The Bait Shop), here it is! We’ve also been lucky enough to have Jagermeister and Miller Genuine Draft come onboard to help out with this years event, and we can’t seem to thank them enough!! (Thank You) A ton more to come in the next little while.

I had mentioned Alan Wood‘s upcoming solo show before, but it’s finally upon us. This will mark his first solo show and will take place at 52 McCaul on April 29th. A bit over a week before the Disposable Show. The whole back half of the gallery will feature a ton of new works from Alan. As he takes you through “All Stories In Pictures” never grounding himself in one particular style. 

After being a part of numerous group shows across the city in the last while Hugo Arias is having a solo show at Sleeping Giant Gallery on April 22. Ever since Josh has brought him on as a continued featured artist in the gallery I’ve been a fan and have enjoyed watching his work grow, we are also lucky enough to have him be a part of this years Disposable Show. I’m looking forward to seeing his new works and picking his brain. This is one of those “you won’t want to miss!” type shows .