May 2010

I can’t thank everyone enough that came through and made this years Disposable Show another success! We haven’t posted earlier because we’ve been contacting all the winners of the raffle and the highest bidders of the decks.

Right now it’s looking like $5000 dollars was raised on Saturday!! That’s right! Some people were lucky enough to make out with an original from an artist they just happen to come across. Others picked up some work by their favorite artist(s).  It was nice seeing some of the artists in the show picking up decks from some of the other artists involved.

All and all I couldn’t ask for much more. All the artists were brilliant! and killed/went above and beyond!

All the single & party pictures from the event to come shortly. For now here’s a picture of me laying out the show. (This is about as much of me as you’ll see posted here, haha)

Karyn Valino “Triangular” (Laser Cut Fabric & Hand Sewn)        &     Dan Springer “Skulls”


I know I said I wasn’t going to post another one, but it had to happen. Dan Springer is currently working on his laser etched letterpress 3D prints. You did read that right! See a little preview of what’s to come.

You’ll have to come to the reception this Saturday, May 8th between 7pm to midnight to see the final result. Trust me when I say it’ll be worth it!