I used to skate to Illmatic pretty tough when it first came out. It had a big influence on me. So when I heard Fashawn talking about redoing it as homage to Nas, I couldn’t wait!

Fashawn has to be one of my favorite artists right now. The 22yr old is only one album deep but has a stack of mixtapes and the maturity of a vet. Growing up in Fresno he’s seen and dealt with his far share and hasn’t let it keep him bitter. He’s a pretty real and straight up guy who’s smart and conscious of what he’s doing and his surroundings but at the same time a little grimy because of the path he’s walked. Helping shape him and his sound into what you hear today. Fashawn is one of a couple newer cats that’s out right now killing it!

On his new mixtape he’s paying tribute to one his favorite and most influential MC’s(if not the greatest!?) NaS.

Here’s the album art and a link to download the tape for free, courtesy of XXl Mag & Orisue Clothing.

Click here to download

Fashawn – Memory Lane