Just finishing up the new site, which means getting a few last-minute photos. After some running around and meeting up with one of our comrades/riders at the court-house(don’t ask). we then caught up with a few friends and took a few photos. Here’s some of the out takes.

Sean Killen (of Bikes on Wheels) was nice enough to hook me up with some fresh new Vans and take a few photos of him sporting the slim white & red logo tee.

Tracy (of Playdead) is looking good slipping off the curb in the new women’s heather grey/red logo tee.

Greg (of The Bait Shop) and I were going over some strategies. After a quick break I mentioned taking his photo and……..here he is in the cool grey/red logo tee.

Wes (of Cons) stopped by to see if the video would play for the Trapasso pro shoe model release party, and it did. Looked pretty good too!

I liked this photo of Willy, but it didn’t quite work for what we had in mind. So here it is.