I used to skate to Illmatic pretty tough when it first came out. It had a big influence on me. So when I heard Fashawn talking about redoing it as homage to Nas, I couldn’t wait!

Fashawn has to be one of my favorite artists right now. The 22yr old is only one album deep but has a stack of mixtapes and the maturity of a vet. Growing up in Fresno he’s seen and dealt with his far share and hasn’t let it keep him bitter. He’s a pretty real and straight up guy who’s smart and conscious of what he’s doing and his surroundings but at the same time a little grimy because of the path he’s walked. Helping shape him and his sound into what you hear today. Fashawn is one of a couple newer cats that’s out right now killing it!

On his new mixtape he’s paying tribute to one his favorite and most influential MC’s(if not the greatest!?) NaS.

Here’s the album art and a link to download the tape for free, courtesy of XXl Mag & Orisue Clothing.

Click here to download

Fashawn – Memory Lane


Look who stopped by today(Nick) to go over some of the upcoming and future projects FF and Free Skates have on the go. Here he is stealing my computer to show me a few new ideas he’s had brewing in the last little while.

About an hour before Nick showed up Mr. Postman came by to drop off a couple of new 45’s from Rough Trade to give me some inspiration well working into the late hours of the night. The first is GSH‘s Me and the Devil single with a NYC Orchestral Version B-Side. Which is a nice take on the original dark and minimal track. The second is the self-produced single Boy Boy by Lissy Trullie. The former model turned musician relocated and has been crafting her own sound with New York as her influential back drop. You can tell she’s taken pages from some of her elders that have helped mold the NYC rock scene, but she does it with style and on her terms. Now I just need to get back to work and the records.

A large post on the upcoming another Disposable Art show to follow. With all artists involved and the deets.

one day as a lion

I still don’t have a camera’ So, you’ll just have to believe me when I say the free swag that came with this EP was pretty sweet! Free CD, download gift cards, a bandana, stickers etc. Big thanks to Kings Road Merch & Anti- Records

So, I meant to pick this up when it first came out but held off because Anti-Records said a 180 gram vinyl pressing was in the works. I signed up to be notified when it came out, but never seemed to received one. Last week I was thinking of whatever happened to that? I quick myspace google and an email later and I am now the proud owner of the new One Day As A Lion EP. I say proud because I really dig this record. Not because it’s Zack from Rage or jon theodore from  Mars Volta but because it’s a little out of left field and these two say a lot with very little. Just drums keys and a mic. It’s raw and full all at the same time. 

As an EP and only $9 bucks, I’d say it’s worth it’

“ The name taken from the infamous 1970 black and white, captured by legendary Chicano photographer George Rodriguez featuring a center framed tag on a white wall in an unspecified section of Boyle Heights. It reads: ‘It’s better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand years as a lamb.”


Oh Madlib n J. Rocc, thank you for this’ and making me go back and reread everything I have on Dilla. I just picked this up the other day, but have had it on repeat like wow’ Every time I read about his last days and Ma Dukes it makes me feel terrible sad to see such a beautiful woman feel so much sorrow, and yet still have an amazing out look and such positivity. It makes me smile at the same time. If you haven’t already read THIS article please do so.

Well worth checking out! and it won’t hurt the pocket book

ma dukesAlso be on the look out for Suite for Ma Dukes being released in April. It’s an EP Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood Ferguson have put together to pay tribute to J Dilla by interpreting his music in a contemporary chamber music. Some of the proceeds from the record will go to Dilla’s heirs.  Pre-order is available at Stones Throw

Dilla always makes me feel good n productive.

Skateboard Culture from the Rejects Who Made It


Ex pro skater and editor/author Sean Mortimer was relentless with tracking down some of the main pioneers to get their stories. Even if at first they weren’t forthcoming or aloof. I seem to find myself picking this book up more often then any other in the last while.


Weather it’s the informative Timeline from 1957 to 2007, or posing the question is skateboarding a sport? or just straight up celebrating the culture with those that made and shaped it. I’m sure this book will entertain n won’t disappoint.

Well worth picking up @ just over $20bucks