If you’re around this Saturday swing by Ash Bridges Bay skate park & hit up this years Ridin’ 4 Riches.

We’ll be there again with a booth and helping out on the sponsorship end. All decks and tees will be on sale for this event only.

Last year was off the crazy! and this year with it being held in Toronto it’s gonna be a madhouse!!


I wish it wasn’t true but after 7 long months of amazing shows & events 52 McCaul is closing its doors. Not before they have a giant farewell party/fundraiser.

Well and Good initially started this space/project to run for 2 months. As more of the community came together and got involved with everything going on it grew and extended its run to over 7 months of great shows, events and workshops that benefitted everyone that came in contact with them.

We’ve been lucky enough to have been apart of the amazing organization, and have them host this past Disposable Show.

As I mentioned it’s also a fundraiser. To help out Well and Good with future community projects and help put money into the hands of some of the amazing artists that have helped make this space what it is. So they can continue to create and express themselves through their work/art.

Click HERE to see some of the art available. It’s a tender/ticket raffle, with only so many tickets available. So don’t miss this and be sure to get there early!!

Plus live music and live painting.

Please come out and support great artists and a good cause!!

This past Saturday we had a mini ramp jam deck release party for the project we did with The Lovely Gentlemen’s Club. Bowman banged out an amazing graphic and the Bait Shop was nice enough to host.

A lot of good people came through and the vibe was great! More and more obstacles got thrown into the mix with the mini and everyone just keep going bigger and bigger! We also did a new colorway tee for the release. Along with some pins and stickers.

After many of drinks and conversation with some good folks we all headed over to Mid Point for the after party and the after-after party.

Thanks again to everyone that came out and supported and all those that picked up a deck and a tee. I still have a few available or you can hit up The Bait Shop Skate Shop. $60 with grip.

Here’s some of the photos from the night. Viktor shot last years show and we were lucky enough to have him come through again and take some great shots of the evening. What more can I say!? Great space, amazing people and beautiful art. As seen in these photos. For an art show/fundraiser this was truly off the wall and couldn’t ask for much more. Thanks for coming out!

All photos courtesy of Viktor Cahoj

I can’t thank everyone enough that came out and supported this years Disposable Show and made it an amazing success! Over $5000 dollars raised for Free Skates in less than 6 hours!! The gallery was slammed all night. The people and vibe was just as positive if not more so than last year. With people stepping in and lending a hand last-minute, along with a lot of the artist being in attendance to talk with everyone about their work/piece. Really helping make it what it was.

I was lucky enough to meet Steve and Lisa from Well and Good at last years event. From then till now they’ve continued to do the amazing projects, as well open 52 McCaul. They started putting on one great show after another and from that moment on I knew I wanted to have the show there. Not sure if it was going to happen or not I got an email about coming in and talking about the space and a date. Something else fell through and I was able to get the exact date I wanted.(Lisa and my mother met at last years show and I was told that she was one of the main reasons for me getting the space) If things couldn’t get better! Alan Wood would be showing in the back half of the gallery. I know he was stoked as well and with the show kinda acting as a closing party for him he sold a bunch more pieces. Working out for everyone.

Here are the single pictures of the decks if you couldn’t make it out or wanted to take another look. Pictures of the party to follow tomorrow, with the video early next week. Thanks again and can’t wait for next years show! A lot more in store for that one.


Tami Noa Levy

Winnie Truong

3AM Design

Janice Kun

Derrick Hodgson

Jordan Murphy

The Bait Shop


Adrian Forrow

Karyn Valino

Trevor Bowman

Trevor Bowman

Che Kothari – Front

Che Kothari – Back

Hugo Arias

Hayden Menzies

Lizzie Renaud

Dan Springer

Dan Springer – Laser Engraved Decks and 3D Letterpress Print from the decks

Christie Shinn

Alan Wood



Nicholas Di Genova

Oasis Skateboard Factory

Stu Playdead

Jenny Boulger

Jeff Dywelska

Sean Fagan

Nathan Jurevicius


Eric Queral


Wes Loates

Juliana Neufeld

Tracy Horner

Tracy Horner


All photos courtesy of Viktor Cahoj

I can’t thank everyone enough that came through and made this years Disposable Show another success! We haven’t posted earlier because we’ve been contacting all the winners of the raffle and the highest bidders of the decks.

Right now it’s looking like $5000 dollars was raised on Saturday!! That’s right! Some people were lucky enough to make out with an original from an artist they just happen to come across. Others picked up some work by their favorite artist(s).  It was nice seeing some of the artists in the show picking up decks from some of the other artists involved.

All and all I couldn’t ask for much more. All the artists were brilliant! and killed/went above and beyond!

All the single & party pictures from the event to come shortly. For now here’s a picture of me laying out the show. (This is about as much of me as you’ll see posted here, haha)

Karyn Valino “Triangular” (Laser Cut Fabric & Hand Sewn)        &     Dan Springer “Skulls”

I know I said I wasn’t going to post another one, but it had to happen. Dan Springer is currently working on his laser etched letterpress 3D prints. You did read that right! See a little preview of what’s to come.

You’ll have to come to the reception this Saturday, May 8th between 7pm to midnight to see the final result. Trust me when I say it’ll be worth it!

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